Smile, Laugh, and Wave.

“Hi my name is …! It’s nice to meet ya!”

That’s how it always starts.

The words may change, but it’s still the same.

Smile, laugh, and wave.


Every new person is a messy blur,

Their personalities, indistinguishable and obscure.

Yet, I smile and wave, mechanically,

With no emotion and passively.

I know I’m infected, yet I trudge on anyway,

My personality contaminated, lost in the fray.


Why bother? No one ever waves back.

No one ever smiles back. I always laugh alone.

Yet, the disease is unwavering

And I can not stop the symptoms.

My legs move without thought or reason,

As I walk across the pale sidewalk.

I gilde by many faces, yet they are all colorless blurs

and their voices are ghostly whispers.

Not many stick out to me.


The disease has raided my body

Stolen color from my eyes.

I am exhausted, yet I can not cease, though I try

I can only exhibit the symptoms.

Smile, laugh, and wave.


I see another. Their face is so clear and detailed.

A voice that is deep and smooth.

I reach out for help, but my voice is silenced by the symptoms.

Smile, laugh, and wave.

I should have known.

It was right there.

True pain seeps from their eyes,

Flowing down their pale cheeks like a river.

I can always recognize the infected.


They look identical to myself,

Unable to reach out, voices kept mute by the symptoms.

We smile, laugh and wave our way to the grave.

We’ve been this way forever,

No one has diagnosed us.

Each day, the disease feeds on us

Our bodies, our souls, our minds,

Until we are nothing

A bare shell, not worth touching


Then, we fade from this world

Only remembered as a smile, a laugh, or a wave.

We are infected and incurable,

Cursed by the disease called Happiness.


And there is nothing anyone can do about it!



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