The SU Clash: Battle of Registration

IMG_0474     Throughout the stillness of the night, sounds of battle echo across Shenandoah University. The air seems electric as the students fight for spaces within the Spring Semester classes. The tension increases as every SU warrior claims victory and the pressure magnifies as the losers are forced to find different classes to try and claim. As the Battle of Registration continues, the stories of victory and triumph increase heavily, but the tales of woe and sadness increase as well.

SU registration is the mad dash for next semester classes that every student experiences after their first freshman year semester. During this period, each class is allowed to register on a certain day. For example, the most recent registration days were Nov. 2nd for seniors, Nov. 5th for juniors, Nov. 10th for sophomores, and Nov. 13th for freshman and everyone else. This setup gives priority to the upperclassmen. “ Since I’m an upperclassmen and I get to register first, no one is really in my classes. So, it doesn’t affect me as much,” explained Alex Moore, a Shenandoah University Junior.


Despite their advantage, a lot of upperclassmen aren’t as fearless as you might think. “I’m always nervous,” Alex declared. “Registering is always scary ever since the first time I did it and got none of the classes I wanted.” However, some students have actually breezed through registration. “mine went good,” gloated Chynna Beckett, an SU Sophomore.” I got into like all the classes I wanted.”


SU Sophomore Jesse checking his schedule for next semester

Registration tends to send many students into a state of panic. Out of 30 students surveyed, 14 say they were completely worry-free about registration. The other 16 were panicking, slightly worried, or completely unprepared.

Sometimes even the major you choose can come back to bite you in the butt during registration. “It’s kind of hard for Psychology majors cause there’s not a lot of Psychology classes,” admits Chynna.


Upperclassmen, still remembering the struggles they went through during their first registration, have even began assisting others or giving them some useful advice. “ If you don’t think you’re going to get into a class, I would email the professor and as to be on the waiting list,” Chynna highly advised.” If you don’t email the before, email them right after you try to register.”


A student checking his progress

Registration can be a hellish battle, if you’re unprepared. The advisors often suggest multiple meetings with to make sure you still on track with your classes. So before the next Battle of Registration comes around, suit up and make sure your prepared to fight.


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